You want your child to have good healthy physical components or Capability to manifest full potentials?


A child has serious skin problem, itchy all over the body, he really suffers a great deal. Furthermore he is hyperactive.

Half a year various medical treatments brough no progress.
Professor Low 罗大伦博士,(Beijing YEIC expert) introduces Chinese Yam (a type of vegetable you can buy in the market) and after the child’s father followed the instruction, the child’s skin problem is solved and not so hyper-active then.

We will discuss the medical theory applied.

We will skip Western Medicine treatment, as Western Medicine treats symptom and not root causes.

YEIC says : “Lungs Functionalities manifest through Skin”, meaning skin-problem is related to Lung function. In 5-element model, Lungs are represented by “Metal”, and Spleen represented by “Earth”.
“5-element theory” further says “Earth gives rise to Metal” or “Earth supports Metal”, then only when Earth or Spleen functions are in good order, we can have good Lung-functions, good skin too. In this case, the skin-problem, related to Lung-Functionality-deficiency is due to weak or imbalanced “Earth or Spleen”.

One of the Liver-functionalities is “Easy flow and Spreading out”, and body, limbs movement requires energy or Qi-blood supply to limbs for movement. If Liver-functions are not in balanced, the movement cannot be well coordinated, resulting in hyper-active movement.

Liver is represented by “Wood” in the 5-element. If the Earth is weak or loosened, then the Wood or tree is not stable and move uncontrollably. Again the key problem, or function out of order is the Earth – Spleen.

Weak Spleen causes Skin-problem (Lungs), and causes hyperactive movement, (Liver).
Chinese Yam is administered.
What is the key property of Chinese Yam? The key property of Chinese Yam is to strengthen Spleen, which is the root cause of the above case.

What are the properties and functionalities of foods (Chinese yam) was carefully studied thousands of years ago, unlike Western Nutrition theory which breaks foods down to components like carbohydrate, fat, vitamin etc.

This is how YEIC treats “skin problem, hyper-activeness” as mere symptoms, but look up for key root-cause using the above discussed Theory.

Do you see autism and Parkinson problems have a lot to do with functionalities of Liver and Spleen?

You want your child to have good healthy physical components or Capability to manifest full potentials?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the 2-day YEIC training class , or online training for learners outside Malaysia.
“5-element theory 五行学说” “Lung equates to metal 肺属金,Spleen to Earth 脾属土,,Liver to Wood, 肝属木”,”Lungs manifest at Skin 肺主皮毛”,”Functionalities of Organs 脏腑功能”,“”Diet and Medicine interchangeable 药食同源”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

Video Training is under construction. Interested parties please register your email address at the Subscription form on the left side of the Blog front page to get notification.

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Author: Andrew Wong

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2 thoughts on “You want your child to have good healthy physical components or Capability to manifest full potentials?”

  1. Thank you for your blog. Sorry have not responded until now. My internet is running slow. Every day I read and learn something new from you and each article applicable to myself and family. I am very much interested in Chinese yam or “cinnamon vine”. My granddaughter has skin problems and even I have had a problem with skin in last year. I located the Asian markets in my area. One within 3 miles from my home. God bless you and your efforts.


    1. Greetings Beth King

      Good to hear from you.

      I am preparing video training on Ancient Wisdom so that interested parties overseas can learn.

      I hope to get the video training ready in a month time.

      Understanding the overall picture with the underlying concepts and theories make it easier to create healthy body, mind and spirit.
      Piece meal therapy like take this food or massage here and there seldom produce effective results.

      Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic teaches us Life Cultivation, i.e. after understanding the principles behind, we become mindful of every thought, emotions, attitudes, action, behaviors, what we eat, how we exercise and activate qi-flow … only then optimal Well Being is created.

      Chinese Yam : refer



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