Recovery to health can’t just depend on medical treatments

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Today we talk about Five Consciousness. *五神*.as per Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.

There is this old man, stroke for more than 10 years. Everyday TCM doctor does acupuncture for him.

His wife was formerly an active lady, skill in yoga, likes socializing. Because of the husband’s sickness, she had to forgo all the activities she enjoys.

It is not that the old man is 100% stroke. There are certain parts of the body can still move, e.g. fingers, toes, etc. But he just lies there motionless and expect the wife to attend to him on everything.

YEIC says “Spleen has the function of Thinking and Intention “脾藏意” Intention is one of the Five Consciousnesses.

If there is not strong intention to help oneself, e.g. by moving the fingers, which can facilitate the qi-flow (there are 6 Qi-meridians on the hands), even with the best doctors, Western or TCM, there is little cure.

YEIC also says, “Kidneys Store Will Power.:“肾藏志” Another one of the Five Consciousness.

With”Intention” and “Will Power” e.g. everyday move the fingers, the Consciousness can be raised, the Spleen and Kidneys can gain more functionalities.

In Chinese characters, “Will Power” is ”意志力”.

The first character “意” is Intention. Second “志” is Will. Third “力” is power. Chinese culture incorporates the concepts of Consciousness in Chinese characters.

Intention and Will Power do not come overnight. It takes time to practice and practice.

Today many people are in sorry-ful state. They do not know the knowledge of Life Cultivation. With Spleen and Kidneys-deficiencies, they lack strong Intention and Will Power.

They can easily get defeated in life and get sick often. They should project themselves into the future. Do they want to be like the above old man, not only making his life miserable, but the whole family.

“In order to realise Vision, we need to start Action now”.

Let’s establish a compelling life vision and goal and start learning and practicing the ancient wisdom now.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the 2-day YEIC training class , or online training for learners outside Malaysia.
“Five Consciousness 五神”,”Spleen Store Intention 脾藏意”, “Kidneys Store Will Power 肾藏志”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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