The Benefits from Learning Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic

  1. With better understanding on the concepts and theories, learners become more aware what is happening to their body, mind and emotions.
  2. Able to recognize the various sub-health issues (before develop into serious illness) and symptoms and have the knowledge to do the balancing.
  3. Understanding the food theory and therapy, becomes more mindful on daily food intake that is compatible with own body constituent.
  4. Even having busy schedule, now being more mindful of taking regular little action to enable qi-movement, even in the middle of work.
  5. With aging process, able to anticipate what are the potential health issues and have the knowledge now how to take necessary action to prevent serious illnesses
  6. Even currently having medical treatment and medication, become aware of the importance of daily routine for Life Cultivation to speed up recovery.
  7. To improve performance attributes e.g. leadership, will power, decision making etc. become aware and help build body foundation to manifest the desired attributes.


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