Leadership Performance without Human Body?


Today we talk about Corporation / Management and Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC).

The aim in management for corporation is to maximize profits. This relies on the competencies and co-operation of management and staff, manifesting their potentials to contribute their best.

In management, we cannot do without leadership, analysis, planning, strategizing, decision making and execution.

Often in these processes, there are problems.

The problems can be in leadership, or analysis, planning etc. Certain important considerations are left out.

Or it can be decision making or execution, resulting in competitors win the deals.

Corporation engages management consultants, guru to carry out various training to staff, with the best management knowledge, skills and arts.

The emphasis is often on IQ, and some EQ.

Can something be missing?

YEIC says, :”Liver manifests its capability in leadership, planning and strategizing. Gall -Bladder in decision making. Spleen in thinking and intention and Kidneys in execution.”

古人说 : “肝主谋,胆主决”,”脾主思”,”肾藏志”。

Physiology (the key organs) is then the foundation for the above management attributes.

Surely if a person is weak in Spleen and Stomach, not able to digest foods and to convert foods to nutrients to nourish the body, how could that person think straight with clear mind.

Now take a closely look at corporation. Most staff are under stress. Excessive planning and thinking harm the Spleen, Poor decision making reflects weak gallbladder functionality.

In Chinese language, gall-bladder character is “dan”, 胆, it means courage, decisiveness.

Furthermore many staff have high blood pressure, some have diabetes or other illnesses.

They are weak physiologically. How can they properly function in the named management attributes in relation to the organs as mentioned above.

Without combining management training in IQ and EQ with the functionalities of the key organs physiologically, surely resulting effect is poor.

When corporations realize the wisdom of YEIC and get the management and staff to practice the Life Cultivation, it is a win-win formula, corporate profit with healthy management and staff.

“Leadership Performance without Human Body”? Is that possible?

We hold the unconscious belief that leadership attribute, performance have nothing to do with the body system, except the mind, is that really true?

3000 years ago, ancient sages already said, separation of mind and body brings sickness and poor performance.

Then how do you take care of your liver, kidneys, spleen, heart and lungs?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the 2-day YEIC training class , or online training for learners outside Malaysia.
“Organs functionalities 五脏六腑功能”,”Liver manifests its capability in planning and strategizing. Gall -Bladder in decision making. Spleen in thinking and intention and Kidneys in execution.” “肝主谋,胆主决”,”脾主思”, “肾藏志” .
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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